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The Warriors

  • Silky Sam
    Silky SamAerial Silks. Aerial Yoga. Lyra. Acrobatics. Acro Yoga

    Experience the wonderful world of movement and aerial bliss! My goal is to help you unlock your potential and inspire you to grow and learn, with help and through your own private practice! Let me share my passion with you!

    Contact Info:

    IG – @sarasotawarrior – FB – Sam Mellor

    Phone: 941.999.1030

    Current Schedule:

    On Vacation! 🙂


  • Marivi Valdez
    Marivi ValdezYoga. Aerial Yoga. Beginner Silks.

    This fairy princess is sure to make you feel light and bright. Marivi has a soothing tone and can help to lift the gloom right out of your day. She has studied in India and is quite the world traveler, if you want a sweet smile to brighten up your day she’s the gal to see! Also her knowledge of yoga and teaching skills are delightful!

    Contact Info:

    IG – @mariflyin – FB – Maria Virginia Valdez Camerero

    Current Schedule:

    Tuesday Evening Aerial Yoga starting in December

    • Brittany Wilcox
      Brittany WilcoxAerial Silks. Baking Extraordinaire

      This tattooed queen rules in the air as well as the kitchen! Brittany can teach you silks and whip up some of the best gluten free and vegan sins you’ll ever taste! Brittany has been pursuing Aerial Silks for 2 years now, but also has a huge pole affair (as it was her first love). Brittany loves to teach and share so get in touch with her and see just how awesome you can be!

      Contact Info:

      IG – @gfreeyogi – FB – Brittany Wilcox

      Current Schedule:

      Friday Evening Silks

      • Megan “Roro” Rosploch
        Megan “Roro” RosplochBeginner Pole

        Our light in shining booty shorts! Megan is full of smiles, fun and has a passion for Pole! Megan works with beginner students focusing on tricks, spins and inversions. Stick with her if you want to enjoy your learning experience!

        Contact Info:

        IG – @megan_rosploch – FB – Megan Rosploch

        Phone: 941.232.3831

        Current Schedule:

        Moday Evening Pole. Wednesday Evening Pole.

        • Roxana “Romaniac” Rusu
          Roxana “Romaniac” RusuFitness. Pole Fitness. Aerial Fitness

          You haven’t met true heart until you’ve met Roxy! Her desire to make you stronger is in full force. Roxy will work you out and make you grow in ways you would have never seen coming. She loves what she does and she loves sharing it with you! Let Roxy transform your life!

          Contact Info:

          IG – @roxana65ro – FB – Roxana Rusu

          Phone: 941.962.6741

          Current Schedule:

          Monday Morning Bootcamp. Wednesday Evening BootCamp. Friday Morning Bootcamp

          • Ali Brantley
            Ali BrantleyAerial Silks. Lyra

            Spunky and fun this girl has loved and grown in these arts since she was young “-er” and has a true dedication to the aerial world. Ali is constantly growing and sharing ideas within our aerial community! Also if you’re looking for a great venue and some good music fun.. she knows the spots!

            Contact Info:

            IG – @aliibrantlee – FB – Ali Brantley

            Phone: 941.302.8508

            Current Schedule:

            Thursday Evenings Lyra and Aerial Silks

            • Gina ‘Geedles’ Duncan
              Gina ‘Geedles’ DuncanPole. Fitness. Pole Fitness. Pole Choreo. Zumba.

              Gina is teaches private/group pole and fitness classes. She is a sheer delight to be around!! Her classes are high energy and full of love and support! You will leave feeling exhausted but strong and elated from all her good vibes!

              She is currently teaching classes at our Warrior Center.

              Contact info:

              IG – @geedles FB – none

              Phone: 941.661.3753

              Current Schedule:

              Monday Evening Bootcamps : Tuesday Evening Pole

            • Josh “Knuckles” Hill
              Josh “Knuckles” HillParkour. SkimBoard. Personal Fitness

              From an active professional skim boarding background to the concrete jungle… Whether you’re looking to get into Parkour or want to get in the best physical shape of your life… let Josh help you with your way!

              Contact Info:

              IG – none – FB – Josh Hill

              Phone: 941.720.3015

            • Yoda Yev
              Yoda YevWarrior. FireArms Instructor. Bearded.

              They say that YeV can spit fire and catch bullets with his bare hands all while upside down in a handstand! Yev is a certified teacher with the NRA and does private and group classes for Conceal and Carry permits as well as general instruction.

              Contact Info:

              IG – @srqdefense – FB – Jenya Kooch

              Phone: 941.999.1109

              Current Schedule:

              Available On Weekends For Group Or Private Classes.

            • Marina Turner
              Marina TurnerBeginner Aerial Silks

              What a delightful soul to be around! Marina has just recently turned her interest into silks after a successful venture of being a hoop queen and an acro yoga lover! She’s bendy, beautiful and loves her life (and we love her)! Marina has a great teaching style and students enjoy everything she brings to the table! So much life and skill you can’t help but love her!

              Contact Info:

              IG – @seashineyoga – FB – Marina Turner

              Phone: 941.704.3454 – EMAIL:

              Current Schedule:

              Monday Evening Silks

              The Classes

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