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Mama ‘N’ Me Aerial Playtime

Marivi Valdez

The time has come for Mamas and their little ones to enjoy aerial yoga together! We’re here to help you two spend quality time together in a fun environment.

  • Get fit and learn new tricks through yoga
  • Have fun in the aerial yoga hammocks
  • Use music and dance to stimulate your child’s development
  • Develop coping and life skills through the use of meditation and breathing techniques
  • We’ll give you the tools necessary to optimize this time and grow with your child

Mondays and Wednesday are strictly for babies/toddlers and Saturday is open to all ages. No more than 2 littles per mama! Bring your childs favorite toy, blanket, teethers etc to ensure they feel happy and comfortable!

What say ye'?

  • Wow this is amazing! Never felt soo good after a yoga class before!

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